Kanji ヴェルター
Rōmaji Werutaa
Gender Male
Partner Trip
Apparent Species Lion
Status Intact
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Anime Data xx: Transitory

Welter (ヴェルター Werutaa) is Trip's AllMate.


Welter takes the form of a giant black lion with deep blue eyes, making it the largest AllMate out of the others. His and Hersha's similarities in appearances are reminiscent of Virus and Trip's twin-like qualities.

It is unknown when Trip acquired Welter, but he had him as an AllMate prior to his and Virus' bad end when they fled the country with Aoba.


Unlike the other AllMates which have distinct personalities and voices, Welter lacks any human-like qualities and instead is presented as if it were an actual wild animal. Instead of speaking, it purrs and growls like a real lion would. This might have been on purpose by Trip to not install any personality into him so he could subject Aoba to the false terror of being abused by an animal instead of a robot. It seems to work, however, as Aoba explicitly states that he hates Welter out of anything he's ever come into contact with and that the AllMate terrifies him greatly.


Welter is not seen with Trip throughout the game at all until their bad end and in Re:Connect.

DRAMAtical Murder

Ren's Bad End

Welter is only shown for a short amount of time, licking Aoba's chest as Virus, Trip and Hersha continue to prod and force themselves onto Aoba.

DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect

Trip's Bad End

When Trip calls Welter over to him and Aoba, the latter begins to thrash wildly and cry out in horror. Aoba comments that Trip knows he hates Welter but purposely calls him over because he finds Aoba's fear and torment amusing. He goes on to explain that Trip will have Welter have its way with Aoba, often "playing rough" with him enough to leave injuries and terrify him into submission so that once Trip joins in, it will feel like Trip is "rescuing" him from the pain because he sees his treatment as not as harsh as Welter's. This will lead Aoba to begin to enjoy Trip's treatment of him as a false sense of security, this mentality soon leaving Aoba broken and driven into a state of madness until the day he dies.