Hello, this is Admin. 

DRAMAtical Murder Wikia will soon be edited only to logged in users only. I am greatful that some of the anonymous users edit the wikia with some good information, but honestly I find anonymous users annoying as they can either harm or help with the wikia. It's not difficult to sign up or even log in your account... 

Why are you only allowing logged in users edit?

As I stated above, this wikia was attacked more than once with disturbing texts by anonymous users so they wouldn't get blocked. Not only the attackers but I personally do not like it when an anonymous user edits information on the wikia no matter how good it is.

Will the Wikia ever be edited by non-logged in users?


Will you still be blocking people?

Yes, as it will depend on the action. 

On behalf of this, I'm also looking for another user to become an admin to help me with the Wikia (also if you are very experienced with the Wikia). Please contact me if you want to become an admin as well (As I will also be asking a couple questions to make this Wikia much greater)