Hi guys, this is the admin of this wikia. I apologize as I was seriously inactive the last couple days as I was in New York for personal reasons and I did not bring my laptop. I am back home exhausted from New York and yes, it was a well worth trip. 

Back on topic, as I was looking through the wikia activity, I noticed unrelated and rather innappropriate texts on the wiki. This needs to stop. I did delete hopefully all the unrelated text but if you see any, please delete them. I wished who ever wants to help make this wikia stronger, please help, but seeing those texts is seriously makig me decide if this wikia should be an wikia where everyone can edit, or only certain people can edit as I can change the privacy settings.

Here are screenshots of the texts. Once again, if you see any of these, delete them. Also, to who ever decided to harm the wikia like this, that was very childish and rather a stupid way to think, and I hope in the future who ever you are, you take things more seriously.

So what do you guys think, should this wikia only be edited by certain people or should it still be edited out to the public?