To the people(s) who have been harming the Wikia with disturbing text: I don't say this a lot to people but, you're disgusting, immature and I hope you realize how much stress you have put to the people who have worked so hard in making this Wikia a place to enjoy. Ever since I have created this Wikia, I believe I have blocked at least 25 users, where most were anons. I come here everyday worried that someone has harmed the Wikia, only to be reading texts that even me, an adult woudn't want to read. I have said before that only users will allow to edit the Wikia, I found out that the Wikia settings changed so even anons can edit. I don't like this change, but I'm not going to complain. Sadly, this isn't Disney Wikia where you must sign in to edit. I have been thinking of locking pages

I'm asking, please stop harming the Wikia. Please stop writing disturbing texts, and stop wasting my and the administrators time reading and deleting your crap.