Thank you for visiting the wikia! If you are tempting to help make our community even greater, a few rules will have to be followed. Breaking any of these rules will lead to a automatic block.

Editing rules

  • No first or second person writing. Third person writing only.
  • Writing unnessary facts will be deleted.
  • If you mess up, please do not save in the edit page. Simply click back.
  • Please do realize that since this is a Wikia based off of a game, spoilers will have to be shown.
  • Do not include facts on Trivia that has already been stated. If it keeps continuing, Trivia will be deleted permanently from the wikia.
  • Please do not add any useless categories. The admin will automatically delete them.
  • Do not copy/paste character routes. I am aware that many people write character routes online, but that does not mean using the information is allowed in other sites. That is called plagiarism.
  • Do not post information about Nitro+Chiral's other games. This wikia is specifically for DRAMAtical Murder only. Writing down any information for the followings: Togainu no Chi, Lamento -BEYONG THE VOID-, Chiral Mori, sweet pool and False Alkanet will be automatically deleted.

Image rules

  • DO NOT UPLOAD FANART. Use official images only.
  • Websites such as deviantART, Zerochan, ect... that lets users upload fanart shall not be used on the wiki. You are stealing other peoples work and using that image without the artist's permission.
  • Images from the game is always allowed.

Media rules

  • Do not upload any walkthrough videos.
  • Do not upload any fan, cosplay, AMV videos. Either the video or the page will automatically be deleted.
  • Uploading songs from the DMMD soundtrack is okay.