Hello, my fellow wiki editors.
I have seen that our episode pages have been deleted because of someone reporting that they included the summaries written on wikipedia (I am 100% sure that was the reason, as the rest on these pages was pretty much done by myself and thus I am very troubled by the fact that my work got deleted because of such a matter while I am not able to at least restore the work I had done on the pages. Only admins could).
Therefore I wanted to ask you to not repeat using these summaries. They were written by someone else and the author was probably the one reporting it and I can understand that, as they put work into it and the credit to them gets lost. If anything, there should have been some special template that shows that it was taken from wikipedia, which is written {{Wikipedia}} and looks like this:

This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).

This template symbolizes that we are not the original author and links to the original page, as well as to the contributions done by the original authors. Please keep this in mind if you take anything from wikipedia for this wiki in the future.
I have restored the episode pages with their original layout. Please help me filling them with content by writing own summaries or adding the Important Events, Trivia and (in case of Episode 03) Mistakes/Errors back, which we had not taken from wikipedia, but which are lost now.
Thank you!