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Kanji テオ
Rōmaji Teo
Age 17[1]
Gender Male
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōma Saitō
Special DRAMAtical Murder Drama CD Vol.4 - Noiz (first appearance)
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime N/A

Theodore (セオドア Seodoa), more commonly known as Theo (テオ Teo), is a supporting character in DRAMAtical Murder and the younger brother of Noiz.[2][3]


Theo is almost nearly identical to Noiz to the point where Aoba mistook him for the other twice. He has medium-length strawberry blond hair and green eyes. His outfit consists of a white undershirt with a green ribbon tied under the collar. Over it, he wears a brown patterned coat with three gold buttons clipped on the front. He also sports a large bracelet on his left wrist and black business pants.


Theo is introduced as a happy, excited young man. He cares immensely for Noiz, his family and those around him. He seems to take well to meeting new people, offering to help Aoba instantly to locate Noiz after the latter's fight with his father. Despite being open and an honest person, he gets nervous easily, often finding it difficult to find the right words to say to others, such as Aoba.


Prior to the game, Theo was born two years apart from his brother, Wilhelm. At some point when Noiz was old enough, he left Germany and his family behind. Theo apparently had a good childhood, as he grew up well into an honest and hard-working young man since his parents showered him with affection and attention, unlike they did with Noiz.

DRAMAtical Murder

Theo is not seen in the first game. He is however mentioned by Noiz in his good end when he comes back to Heibon and speaks with Aoba. He tells him that both his parents and Theo were relieved to see him again after such a long time away from home and even cried over his return.

DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect

In Noiz's bad end during his narration of his backstory, he mentions how his parents locked him away in his room to avoid hurting other children because he couldn't understand pain. He explains that his younger brother was the only one who cared about him in their childhood and tried to come into contact with him, but much to their dismay, Theo was not allowed to get close. Because of this, Noiz held no resentment towards his brother.

DRAMAtical Murder Drama CD Vol.4 - Noiz

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Theo seems to care for his brother immensely, crying over his return and attempting to communicate with Noiz as a child. Noiz feels no resentment to Theo because of this, and has a healthy relationship with him.

Aoba Seragaki

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