Takahashi (高橋 Takahashi) is an anime only supporting character in DRAMAtical Murder the Animation. He is the assistant of Toue.[1]


Takahashi is a young man who has short brown hair, violet eyes and is of average build. He's seen wearing a dark blue suit with a red striped tie and black-framed glasses.[1]


Takahashi appears to take the role of a standard right-hand man. He holds a professional demeanor and speaks in a neutral and respectful tone.[1]


DRAMAtical Murder the Animation

Toue and Takahashi

Takahashi makes his first appearance in episode 2. He is standing in the same room as Toue and Sei and informs them on visual images of Aoba and Noiz's Rhyme fight.

In episode 3, Takahashi is giving Toue more information on the samples being taken from the outside and the drug's side-effects (the Morphine ambushes). Later, he is seen in his own car in the Old Resident's District. Tae appears to be in the back seat and Takahashi asks her, "So he was alive?", referring to Aoba. Tae merely looks down as Takahashi smiles.


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