Tae Seragaki

Buタエ 通常 normal


Kanji 瀬良垣 タエ
Rōmaji Seragaki Tae
Other Name(s) None
Gender Female
Birthday December 3
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 156 cm
AllMate None
Occupation TOUE Researcher (Former)
Team None
Status Alive
Theme Song(s) None
Voice Actors
Japanese Fuzuki Kun
English Marcy Bannor
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

If you’re unsure, you’re sure to stumble. Follow your heart.

Tae Seragaki is the grandmother of Aoba Seragaki and mother of Haruka Seragaki. She was also a researcher at TOUE Inc. 


Twenty years prior to the game's timeline, Tae used to work for Toue as a researcher. As a part of the original researchers of TOUE Inc., she witnessed the growth of the company little by little. Tae specialized in the brain's plasticity and tested drugs that affected brains that had lost their functionality. Tae was facsinated at neural research and hoped one day to be able to find a solution to save people who had damaged brains. Tae was the founder of the theories of Aoba's and Sei's powers. However, she had no idea that her research was to be used to engineer children who had the power to control people's will. She later discovered and was ultimately horrified that a child, Aoba, died due to her research. Tae escaped the facility with Aoba inorder to give him a proper burial as a human being. Despite it all, Aoba came back to life and Tae was both astonished and overjoyed. Tae then left Aoba in the care of a church located in her hometown. Upon finding out the company's true interests, Tae stopped all of her research and quit her job. She then lived peacefully in Midorijima leaving Toue behind her. Her daughter, Haruka Seragaki, met Nain and fell in love. Nain having a knack for travelling decided to take Haruka with him by force. Tae was suspicious about Nain but when she saw that Haruka was completely devoted to Nain she realized he had some sort of miraculous power. Tae accepted him and allowed Haruka to leave the island. The couple returned later on and brought Aoba with them. Tae recognized the child right away and believed that it was fate that Aoba would return to her after leaving him in the church's care. Later on, she was contacted by Toue, requesting her return immediately. However, she adamantly refused him and as a result Morphine was put into action.


Tae has pink hair and is divided into four parts, the back part is done in an updo with a decorative stick holding it up, the one below is down in braided pigtails, the one above her forehead is held in place and is shaped like a heart and the last one is her bangs that frame both sides of her face. She wears a cream coloured dress and a belt that is worn below her breasts. Tae wears pink socks and brown sandals. She also wears a pearl necklace. Tae has sky blue eyes and fair complexion.


Common Route


  • Tae is right handed.