Nitro+Plus Benefit Direct Drama CD
Stellaworth Bonus Drama CD
Release Date March 23, 2012
Track Number Unknown
Number of Discs Unknown
Running Time Unknown
Type Drama CD


A short Drama CD following a discussion held by the Allmates about their owners.

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Beni has the idea that they as Allmates know the most about their owners and tells Ren. Ren invites Tori and Usagimodoki to join the discussion.

The first question asked is about the owners' favorite foods and least favorite foods. Ren remarks that he hasn't seen Koujaku react negatively to any food but Beni says he does not like celery but acts tough around Aoba. Noiz likes eating pizza, pasta and Pflaumengefüllte Schweinelende mit Serviettenknödel. Tori has never seen Mink eat. Ren says Aoba's favorite food is Tae's meat and potato stew but he dislikes milk.

Koujaku, Aoba, and Clear interrupt the discussion since Aoba saw the e-mailed invitation to Clear from Ren. Ren e-mailed Clear directly since he has no Allmate. Tori and Usagimodoki leave and Koujaku grabs Beni.[1]


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