Leader Mink[1]
Type Rib Team
Notable Color Pink
Known Members Takemoto
Status Uncertain

Scratch is a Rib team led by Mink. The team is made up of criminals and ex-cons. Scratch is attributed to a number of crimes ranging from theft to blowing up buildings.[1]



Mink alongside his teammates.

Scratch is first mentioned when Aoba is talking with Yoshie. She says the team is seemingly located in the Hyougadani district in the North. Scratch makes its first appearance when Mink and his team kidnaps Aoba, an action that seems to be common among the team. He orders them to violate Aoba (alternatively, to beat him up in the anime version) when he tries to resist following the team leader's will, and the members of Scratch follow the given orders, only to be interrupted by Aoba's Scrap.[1]

What happens to Scratch after the individual endings of the game remains uncertain.


  • In Mink's route, after the disappearance of their leader, the members of Scratch dissolved and some of them maintained contact with Aoba.
  • When Aoba asked the members of Scratch about Mink's fate, they say that believe Mink is alive somewhere out there.
  • Despite being well known, neither the team nor the criminals have been caught due to the police in the Old Resident District being incompetent.

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