A Rhyme battle with Usui.

Rhyme (also romanized as Lime in official media[1]) is an immensely popular computer game among young adults. Anyone can participate if they own an Allmate. When competing anyone can use their mind to alter the visual battlefield. In the virtual field, one can enjoy the taste of things they could never have experienced otherwise.
In-game description


A Rhyme battle occurs simultaneously when Usui, the judge of the winner, appears. Since Usui's appearance is random, dopesters exist to predict where she'll appear next and sell the information at a high price. Rhyme normally has limitations to guarantee the safety of players. During a Rhyme battle, players strive to deplete the enemy's durability. Once a player's durability hits 0, the game immediately ends. Allmates of different kinds take up 'Avatar form' whenever they are in a Rhyme battle. The battle is done by commanding the Allmate to attack or defend, depending on the situation. Players take considerable damage when attacked, however, the sensation is limited mentally.

A forced Rhyme battle called a Drive-by, is done without the presence of Usui. Anybody can do a Drive-by if they have proper knowledge. A Drive-by battle does not have any sort of limitations. This allows players to move and execute actions more efficiently than in a regular Rhyme battle. Consequently, the damage players take can affect the human body in reality.

People who participate Rhyme are generally called Rhymers. Like Ribsteez, people who participate in Rib, Rhymers have begun forming teams since Rhyme's rise to popularity.


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