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The Oval Tower is located in the center of Platinum Jail, behaving as its symbol, and serves as the headquarters of the Toue Corporation.


Oval Tower is an unavoidably large building brightly serving as the focal point of each area in Platinum Jail. It seems to be well known among the people of the Old Resident District. It's name comes from the shape of the tower resembling an oval. Inside of it are many rooms, shown to be extremely large. This is where the climax of the route and the scraps of each character take place. At the end of each route the tower is destroyed and resembles the end of Toue's schemes.


  • In Platinum Jail, there is oddly a building with a similar name called "Overr Tower" (pronounced the same way as Oval Tower in Japanese). It is revealed when Clear accidentally leads Aoba to it, believing it is the real Oval Tower.
  • Only in Noiz's route is the Tower discussed more than acknowledging its existence; Aoba believes it is impressive while Noiz has no impression from it, lightly mocking Aoba in the process.
  • The tower is destroyed no matter what route is chosen


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