Nitro+Plus Benefit Direct Drama CD
Nitro+Plus Benefits Direct Drama CD
Release Date before May 2012
Track Number 4 Tracks
Number of Discs 1 Discs
Running Time 7:24
Type Drama CD


A short Drama CD following the daily lives of Virus and Trip in Midorijima.

Cast Edit


Track 1 Edit

An introduction to the CD.

Track 2 Edit

While patrolling the streets of Midorijima, Virus and Trip come across Ribsteez who want to pick a fight with Rhyme players. They interfere and the Ribsteez back off[1].

Track 3 Edit

Virus and Trip run into Aoba while he's delivering a package for his job at Junk Shop Heibon. They discuss the rising number of fights between the Ribsteez and the Rhyme players and Virus invites Aoba to have cake with them at a shop near Delivery Works. Aoba agrees and continues on his job, while Virus and Trip continue with theirs[2]. .

Track 4 Edit

A thank you for listening to the CD and a farewell to the listener.

Track ListEdit

# Song Title Artist Length
01 Track 1 Cast 0:39
02 Track 2 Cast 3:42
03 Track 3 Cast 2:28
04 Track 4 Cast 0:35


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