Nao Kuniyashi

Buナオ 通常 normal


Kanji 国芳 ナオ
Rōmaji Kuniyashi Nao[1]
Age 6
Gender Male
Birthday January 6
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height 150cm (4'9")
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Shin Sayama
English Cayla Coats
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

Hey, hey, that thing on the top shelf, what's it used for?

Nao Kuniyashi (国芳 ナオ Kuniyashi Nao) is a supporting character in DRAMAtical Murder. He is the brother of Mio and Kio.


Nao is the second eldest son. He is the younger brother of Kio and the older brother of Mio. He has short brown, scruffy hair and a bandage placed over his nose. He is always seen wearing an oversized jacket with a mouse's face as his hoodie, and light brown shorts. His sleeves are always seen covering his hands. Nao is the tallest of his siblings.


Nao is the more playful of the bunch, often heard repeating his words in excitement and pointing to things that perk his interest first. He's very cheerful and sports a curiousity that gets him in trouble first the most. He often helps Kio reach things on shelves that are too high for them and initiate chasing Bonjin-Kun around.


Common Route

Nao first appears in the common route as a boy who plays with his siblings and loves to annoy Aoba and Haga at the Junk Shop. He is recurring throughout the common route.

Noiz's Route

At the end of Noiz's good end, Nao and his siblings will show up one last time to visit Aoba and Haga, and eventually meet with Noiz again.


Kio and Mio

Kio and Mio are Nao's siblings and are always seen together.


Nao often joins his siblings annoying Haga and chasing his allmate Bonjin-Kun around the shop, but does not know better than to call him "baldy" and get on his bad side. Haga mentions to Aoba that if they weren't so wild they would be considered cute.

Aoba Seragaki

Aoba refers to him and his siblings as "brats" and states that while they annoy him to no end, he of course doesn't hate them. Despite him being less than thrilled about him and his siblings, he still expresses concern over them in his thoughts in Ren's route while thinking about how everyone is doing in the district.


  1. Nao, Mio and Kio's last name is mentioned on Ren's CD drama.