Prior to the game, Mink grew up in a small village of about fifty people where he lived with his mother, father, and younger sister. They led peaceful lives and connected heavily with nature. The tribe had a lead shaman who was said to predict the future through nature and gave other members wisdom.
The shaman was responsible for creating and teaching medicinal herbs, which he did with Mink's parents, who later passed the knowledge down to him. During their time of peace, through a divine revelation, the shaman chose a girl to be Mink's fiancee, and while Mink said she was a kind person, neither of them were very close and it was something that couldn't be helped through a tribe as small as theirs to continue the bloodline.
Sometime later, Toue learns about one of the tribe's herb recipes which could be used to infuse herbs and control a person's scent. It was actually not a mind-controlling herb that Toue had been searching for, but rather a herb that when combined by scents of a person's body, that person can achieve peace and a calming sensation. However, Toue did not realize this, and when he was refused to be given the recipe, he ordered his men to slaughter Mink's village.[1]
For whatever reason, Mink was the only one left alive during his family's massacre, and was taken to Midorijima to be subjected to experiments (such as the lights, Dye Music, etc) because of his ability to understand scents and to be broken enough that he would reveal the recipe. However, any detailed reason as to why Mink was imprisoned is still unknown. Sometime later, he breaks out and escapes to the Northern District, eventually forming Scratch out of other prisoners.


DRAMAtical Murder

Common Route

Mink and Aoba first meet briefly when Aoba is crossing the street and Mink nearly runs him over with his motorcycle. Aoba falls to the ground, barely avoiding the impact, and glares up at Mink, intending to call him out but immediately stops when he looks into Mink's eyes. They silently stare at each other for a few seconds until Mink speeds away without saying a word or even apologizing, much to Aoba's annoyance. This small encounter is actually revealed to be when Mink first took in Aoba's scent, recognizing his Scrap power and the other Aoba inside of him, leading Mink to later track him down.
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Mink's Route


While Aoba is running from the police, he makes a sharp turn and bumps into Mink who grabs him along. They both run until they're sure they're out of any view or earshot of the cops and stop to rest.
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Night Valley.

Aoba then receives the same automatic download of Captive Princess as he does in every route, Mink getting it as well. After they decide to tag along and meet with Haga, they are led to an underground tunnel into Platinum Jail where they are both directed to enter the Night Valley ground. As Mink and Aoba walk through the door, the route officially starts.
As they take in the scenery of Night Valley, Aoba looks up where they will be staying and Ren navigates them to Glitter. When they walk inside to look around, Aoba sits on the couch and, due to running around all day, quickly falls asleep.
He wakes up to the sound of Mink's footsteps going up the stairs and sees Tori perching on top of a clock. Aoba asks him if he was asleep to which Tori confirms for about two to three hours. During that time, he and Mink checked out the streets. Aoba then asks Tori what his name is, to which the Allmate responds that it isn't that important to have a name. Aoba then introduces him to Ren and asks him what Mink usually calls him. Tori answers with "hey", "you", and "bird", Aoba chuckling thinking it's just like Mink to do that.
Aoba goes up to the second floor and sees Mink sprawled in the couch inquires him on what he plans to do in Platinum Jail since whatever he needs to get done requires Aoba's power. After a long, unbearable silence, Mink answers that he's after Toue. When he asks him why, Mink stands and states that that's as much as Aoba needs to know and walks down towards the hall to one of the bedrooms.

The Night Valley night club.

Aoba pouts and sits on the sofa, looking to Ren for conversation as to why Mink is the way he is, Ren responding that it's just his character. Aoba mentally notes that although it's hard and they both have zero compatibility, he can't break the promise to the man who helped save Tae. He sighs and goes to the extra room next to Mink's, and falls asleep.
Later, Aoba is violently shaken awake by Mink who orders him to get ready. The player can then choose to either "Get ready right away" or "Ask where we're going". As Aoba hurriedly preps himself and Ren, he dashes out and finds that Mink had left without him. Grinding his teeth in frustration, he runs out into the large crowds trying to spot him. He eventually follows right behind him as they stray from Main Street and goes into a secluded alley and they come across various shady-looking shops.
They eventually come across a large building, illuminated by purple. Aoba stays by Mink's side and when they're stopped by a bouncer from entering, Mink shows him proof of a membership much to Aoba's bewilderment. They are allowed in and as Aoba looks around at the people drinking, talking and hears loud bass rhythms, he concludes they're in a night club. He asks Mink how he got a hold of that card, to which Mink responds that he got it from a jailer who was dead, meaning to come here all along. Aoba asks sarcastically if he came to dance and Mink responds that everyone in the club is "high on lights".
Aoba says he's heard of

Club-goers getting high off lights.

that before back in the Old Resident District. Mink explains that it's a relatively new and popular drug that uses lights to make anyone exposed to it half-conscious. He states that it puts the user in a dream-like state and, besides causing the person to fall asleep, it has no other side-effects. Since it requires heavy machinery to make, it has not spread much. He then motions that it's right behind a door to his side and Mink asks Aoba if he's scared, to which Aoba firmly says no. Mink smiles at his answer and goes over to the door, Aoba thinking he's treating him like a kid.
When they walk in, they're immediately greeted by blaring music and lights of all colors flashing and lighting up everything. As they glance back and forth at the dancefloor, Aoba and Mink head up to the second floor where booths for sitting and drinking are. Mink then tells Aoba to "go have fun". This surprises him and asks just what the hell they came here for. Mink merely continues to smile at Aoba and responds that he needs "stretch out his wings". Trying to absorb the confusing things Mink is telling him, Aoba gets up, but ends up staggering, barely holding his balance. Mink chuckles how Aoba is high already and can't believe this is Aoba's first time taking drugs. Realizing how sensitive he is to the lights, Aoba feels nauseous and a headache coming on and takes a few pills.
Because of the lights and atmosphere, Aoba ends up running downstairs trying to get out of there as fast as possible. He accidentally bumps into another man on the dancefloor who asks if he's alright. Aoba is unable to respond, and the man explains that the lights are supposed to make sensations much more sensitive if you're male. He then grabs Aoba and asks if he wants to try it out, but the other Aoba emerges and uses his voice to tell the man to let go. It succeeds, and as he lets go, Aoba collapses.
Wreck me

"As I speak to him, the lights and sounds violate me."

In a daze and barely hearing a familiar voice call his name, Aoba is patted on the face twice to wake up. He opens his eyes fully to see Mink standing in front of him. Ordering him to get up, Aoba ends up falling again prompting Mink to wrap an arm around to hold him up. Unable to even move his feet, Mink ends up dragging him along the floor like a puppet. When Aoba realizes how ridiculous this all is, he begins to go into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, Mink remarking that he might have overdosed on the lights.
As they reach the door, Aoba nearly falls again but ends up planting his face into Mink's chest. Mink tries to push Aoba off of him but he wraps his arms around Mink's neck. Feeling the sudden urge to destroy and be destroyed, Aoba whispers for Mink to "wreck" him. Mink lets out a confused sound and Aoba goes on that he doesn't care if he does it messily, sloppily or even ruins him to pieces- he wants to feel something more direct than just the lights and music piercing his insides. Mink is silent for a little bit but then grabs Aoba's arm, dragging him along into an alley off to the side of the dancefloor.
Mink shoves Aoba against the wall violently commenting that this is Aoba's "true character". Aoba is confused, wondering what Mink's words mean and before he can fully comprehend what's going on, Mink orders him to strip. Aoba stalls for a second at this command and Mink grabs at him through his pants. Aoba says someone might see them, to which Mink responds that he doesn't care. Aoba begins to laugh at his carelessness and clumsily fumbles with his belt. Both men have a heated and rough exchange in the alleyway and soon climax and Mink faintly calls out to him. Aoba, tired and feeling the lights take his toll on him, begins to fall asleep while still awake.
Aoba feels his body being lifted and he blacks out. Being dropped on a hard floor, Aoba opens his eyes slightly and finds himself back on the living room floor of Glitter. As he was about to close his eyes to rest more, he's suddenly hit across the face and woken up quickly. He looks around in a daze and sees Mink standing in front of him with a scornful expression. Wondering what had happened, he began to remember what they had done in the club and they both get caught in a long, awkward and uncomfortable silence.
Aoba stands carefully and tries to look at Mink to say something but is unable to. Mink then silently walks up to his own room, leaving Aoba alone downstairs. With his thoughts jumbled up, Aoba takes Ren out of his bag who asks if he's alright, causing Aoba to hug him tightly in response.
Ren begins to explain that Aoba's mind back there was in a bad state and if they had stayed any longer, Scrap could have gone berserk. Shuddering at these words, Aoba begins to think what Mink meant about "stretching out his wings", and wonders if he had intentions of purposely letting the other Aoba free. Unable to think or understand anything, Aoba retires to his room and falls asleep with his headphones on.
The next day, Aoba wakes to find Mink just getting off a call from his Coil. When Mink notices Aoba's presence, he tosses a piece of bread towards him and tells him to get ready. Aoba, flustered, asks where they're going. Mink responds that it's "minor business" and heads downstairs. He hurriedly gets ready and races out the door, only again to find Mink didn't wait for him again.
As he meets up with him, they end up walking for a while until they reach a warehouse towards the outer walls of Platinum Jail. When Mink operates something from his Coil, the warehouse door opens and inside are very many members from Scratch. As they discuss the methods for Mink's plans and lay out numerous firearms for each of them to use, they're suddenly interrupted by Akushima and a squad of police officers.
Not knowing what to do, Mink tosses Aoba a small rifle, to which the other asks if they're really going to resort to such lengths. Mink asks if he has a better idea and Akushima orders the hordes of policemen to go after them. However, he's fired at instead, Mink responding that he bribed Akushima's boss with dirty money and throws a smokescreen bomb that blinds the scene as a diversion.
Shots fire out and Aoba takes cover behind one of the crates. Mink crouches beside him and asks him why he isn't using his gun or if he just doesn't want to. The player is then given the choice to "Say nothing." or "I don't want to use a gun." Picking either results in different reactions from Mink and Aoba but both ultimately leave Aoba resorting to having to use his voice to stop the chaos. When Mink brings attention to himself for the cops, a loud object is heard dropping and the warehouse becomes in engulfed in a thick cloud of flour to conceal their forms better. Using Akushima's megaphone (who dropped it when he was shot at) Aoba orders them all to stop, the sounds of falling bodies being heard afterward.
As the smoke and flour powder clears, Mink and Aoba race out of the
Mink and Aoba arguing

"Since when did anybody blame you? Stop soaking in your self-importance."

warehouse, leaving the unconscious police and Scratch members behind. When they make it back to Glitter, Aoba begins to feel guilty for having his voice knock out Mink's teammates and being captured by the cops. Believing he failed because he couldn't concentrate enough power, Mink roughly grips his hands around Aoba's shirt and orders him to stop feeling sorry for himself and that nobody was blaming him for anything besides himself.
As he lets go and Aoba gasps for air, Mink says that if he has no self-awareness then he'll be the one to "drag it out". Aoba is left powerless as he's taken advantage of against his will and blacks out.
When he wakes up, Aoba stares at the ceiling and finds that he was carried up to his second floor bedroom. As he and Ren walk downstairs, he finds Mink tampering with something but decides to go into another room until his voice stops him. He tosses him a tiny USB and orders Aoba to place it in his Allmate. Saying he doesn't know the consequences of what would happen if installed in Ren, Aoba begins to argue with him that Ren is not some product that can be easily replaced.
Ren then tells Aoba that it's alright and if anything happens, he's willing to take that risk since he believes that Aoba can fix him like before. He also knows that since it's for Mink's objective, the probability of success is high. Aoba hesitantly agrees and carefully installs the USB, no problems being detected which relieves him. He leans against the wall, avoiding eye contact with Mink, and holds Ren in his arms as he mentally apologizes to him and falls asleep.
He later wakes up to Mink talking on his coil, telling the other party that he "has someone he wants to hand over to him". As he ends the call, Aoba gets up and asks what that was all about, heavily suspicious it involved him. Mink doesn't answer him and instead tells Aoba to stay indoors until the Scratch members contact them later that night and heads upstairs. Aoba, no longer having anymore patience or trust left in Mink, packs his bag, grabs Ren and later escapes Glitter without Mink's knowledge.
While he's running he sees a bird flying above him and finds that it's Tori and becomes fearful that he's been caught. As he races down an alley to get away from the bird's view, Aoba comes face to face with Mink and is forcefully grabbed by his hair, his face lifted directly to Mink's. He calmly tells Aoba that he can't run away from him and is going to beat him as punishment. However, instead of fear or pain, Aoba feels a bolt of electricity run through him from the act and his words, "something" from deeper within him.
Mink replaces his grip from Aoba's hair to his arm and the player can then choose "I don't know what to do." or "Still resist." Picking the first results in Aoba being wordlessly dragged back while the second has him put up more of a fight, each action depicting how their relationship fleshes out more or less to the player.
As he's violently and mercilessly beaten to the floor, Mink straddles Aoba and begins to choke him. Murmuring in
Mink choking Aoba
his ear how he's going to "drag out the agony deep within him", Aoba struggles to breathe as Mink goes on about how deep down, being controlled like this puts Aoba at ease. Aoba begins to think that maybe if he simply gave into Mink since he had already thrown everything away once they came into Platinum Jail together that he would feel less pain. Mink then loosens his grip on Aoba's neck and places his head into Aoba's shoulder, smelling him. Satisfied with his scent, Mink says that now Aoba will only look at him, leaving the latter to give in altogether.
Aoba is forced on once again and Mink begins to choke him for a third time. Aoba begins to feel more pleasure than pain this time even to the point of becoming aroused himself. Unable to comprehend what is happening to him anymore, he slips into unconsciousness and the other Aoba finally emerges. As he begins to laugh through moans, Mink stops but is held down by the other Aoba's grip on his shoulders.
Too late to ollie outie you big bag of dicks

The other Aoba is brought out.

He begins to belittle Mink on how he used Aoba, breaking him to the point of wanting to release him but sarcastically apologizes that he will never, ever yield to Mink. His icy tone and change in personality begins to legitimately terrify Mink and he tries to get off but the other Aoba pulls him closer. He tells him that in exchange for doing something like this, the other Aoba will break Mink's mind and goes into a fit of hysterical laughter as the scene fades to black.
Rest 1

"Abandoning everything for his goal, plunging forward. I wonder what feelings are behind that..."

Aoba later awakes and finds Mink breathing heavily and even notices a bit of emotion in his eyes, but can't seem to fathom why. He blacks out once again and awakes in his second floor room like before. Turning his head slightly, he sees Mink sitting across the room and notices that it looks like he's praying. He then remarks that this Mink is completely different from the one he knows. As his thoughts race on Mink and wonders about his beliefs, Aoba closes his eyes. He hears Mink get up and walk towards the bed and Aoba smells the lingering scent of cinnamon. Remarking how wonderful of a smell it is, he drifts into slumber almost immediately.
Then, without his knowledge, Mink softly and carefully caresses strands of Aoba's hair, the first true act of kindness and concern he shows.
As Aoba forces himself to get up the next morning, he walks into the upstairs living room and notices Mink is angrily watching the TV screen. Aoba turns his attention to it and the program shows that every member of Scratch was taken into custody and Toue is seen giving a speech that since such "pitiful terrorists" were envious of their blessed lives in Platinum Jail that they should be forgiven instead of scorned. As the announcement ends, Aoba remarks how disgusting he is and Mink says that he's going to the tower that night. Aoba retorts that he too will go to which Mink responds that of course he will. Aoba notes to himself that Mink acts and sounds completely different from usual.
Mink's sweet ride

Mink's motorcycle.

Before heading to Oval Tower, Mink takes a sharp turn to an abandoned building and walks in with Aoba behind him. Confused as to why they were there, they head all the way up to the roof and see a large object covered in a sheet. Mink tears it away and reveals a large motorcycle parked there, stunning Aoba. Mink starts it up and tells Aoba to get on. Unable to grasp the situation Aoba reluctantly sits behind him and wraps his arms tightly around Mink to prevent from falling off. Mink begins doing circles on the rooftop to gain speed and then, much to Aoba's shock, drives off the rooftop and crash lands into Oval Tower, breaking through one of its large glass windows.
As they dodge security, Mink hastily drives up the staircases in top speed, Aoba scared that he or Ren might fall off. When they finally reach their destination- the top floor- they get off the bike and walk towards a large door. Behind it is Toue, standing seemingly comfortable with two masked men as both Mink and Aoba make their entrance.
Toue greets them both by name, surprising Aoba that Toue and Mink seem to know each other personally. Toue confides that he has been watching them the entire time since they've arrived in Platinum Jail as well as Mink since he escaped from prison. Mink angrily says that if he's been doing that then he knows why he's there. Toue responds positively and then begins to say how extremely sorry he was about Mink's family. Although it was for research purposes, Toue says he feels very sorry for having to use Mink's family and friends as test subjects. He further explains that they had remarkable abilities when they boiled herbs for medicine, able to either drink or turn it into a substance like tobacco and smoke it.
Alpha singing Dye Music

Toue's α guard coming forth.

Once inhaled or ingested, the fumes could enhance one's body odor and alter people's minds. Toue goes on to say that he wanted it for its healing properties, but people who used it began to develop a dependency on it like drugs and narcotics. However, since only one person knew how to make it, and their bond as a tribe was so strong they would not put it into Toue's hands, he had all of them experimented on to the point of death since the body's natural chemicals also mixed with the herbs to produce its effects. Mink, however, was the only who managed to escape, thus becoming the last surviving member of his clan.
Toue then asks Mink if he knows how to make the herbs correctly that he would offer a deal- the recipe in exchange for any wish Mink may have. Mink says that his only wish is for Toue's life to be taken by his own hands, to which Toue scoffs. He remarks that he knew Mink would say something like that and snaps his fingers. One of his masked guards steps forward and as the room falls silent, he begins to sing Dye Music.
Mink and Aoba begin to struggle to stand upright as the music pierces their ears and brains. Aoba's vision begins to haze as he sees Mink staggering and then blacks out. The other Aoba's voice soon begins to speak within him and Aoba suddenly sees a scene before him. He realizes it's a flashbacks to the Rhyme incident ten years prior and sees himself breaking another Rhymer's mind with Scrap. Unable to handle the long-forgotten memories, Aoba's vision fades to black when he suddenly feels a hand on his.
As he wakes up in the same room, Aoba notices Toue and his guards are gone. Lifting himself up, he feels a hand gripping tightly on his arm and sees that it belongs to Mink. Recognizing it was him who grabbed his hand earlier, Aoba silently thanked him but immediately becomes overcome with dread as he sees Mink fall to his hands and knees, sweating and breathing uncontrollably.
Realizing the effects of Dye Music are becoming fatal to Mink, Aoba begins to panic, not knowing what to do. He tells Mink that he's not allowed to leave him alone and comes to the conclusion that the only way he can help Mink is by using Scrap. Saying how he wanted to learn the person behind the coldness of his actions and words, Aoba decides that he will return the favor by holding Mink's hand as well. Lifting his chin up and looking into Mink's eyes, Aoba uses Scrap and enters Mink's head.

Good Ending


The "true" Mink chained in his own mind, looking up at Aoba.

After using Scrap, Aoba is immediately greeted with a grim scene. He was on what was once a green-colored land but was now burning from fire, smoke all around, with a village of people screaming and being killed by a group of Toue's soldiers. As he walked along the carnage, Aoba hears the cries of two people begging for help as they're being sought after. It's here that the player is given choices to "Help him" or "Don't help him" for both. In order to achieve the good end, Aoba must not help them because that would be changing the past and this all already happened once to Mink. Cringing in pain as he hears their final cries, Aoba musters on searching for Mink.
Upon walking for a certain amount of time, Aoba ended up walking from the forest and into a warehouse. It was dark and silent, the only sounds being the rustling of numerous chains hanging from the ceiling, dripping water and smelling heavily of rust. Walking inside, he felt heavier with each step and heard voices telling him not to come, but he managed to almost literally drag himself forward and reached another door. Behind that door, he found Mink chained up to an iron chair. As Aoba tried to unchain him, something had rejected him by sending jolting sparks through Aoba's hands. He then realised Mink was bound to the idea that he 'can't move'. Aoba used Scrap to break that chain by telling him that 'he can move', setting the "true" Mink free. As he reached for the other chains, Aoba's hands started to rust away. He realized that even though Scrap succeeded, Mink himself was still rejecting Aoba's help. Terrified and in intense pain, Aoba persistently tried to free Mink regardless, angered that even now of all times, Mink was refusing him. When things seemed to be hopeless, Mink lifted his face and his eyes looked directly at Aoba. The Scrap session suddenly ends and they're brought back to reality.
Dazed, Aoba wondered if he had failed in Scrap and what had just happened. He then realized that by looking into Mink's eyes at that last second he had figured out Mink's true wish- "death". After Toue had massacred his family all that Mink thought awaited him was his revenge and death. In order to achieve his goal to get to Toue, Mink had used any and all means necessary to achieve it, and that since he was going to kill himself after to be with his family again, everything he did (raping, beating and using Aoba, suppressing his emotions and keeping his distance from everyone) wouldn't matter to him since he would be gone. Learning this and that the reason Mink was denying Aoba in the end still, sadness overtook him. Mink snaps Aoba out of his thoughts by lightly smiling and saying how awful he looks, proving he was back to normal.
They soon leave to go after Toue and encountered Akushima who had Scratch members as hostages. Aoba stopped Akushima with Scrap and freed the members. When Aoba insisted to go with Mink to find Toue, Mink transfered Tori's A.I. chip into his motorcycle (after realizing it had broken at some point and wouldn't start up) to help Scratch fight of more policemen and motioned for Aoba to follow him. As they run all the way upstairs, Aoba stops almost halfway due to his headache from Scratch. As he takes out his pills, Mink stops and worriedly looks at Aoba's state but doesn't say anything as they press on.
When they reach the giant red door, Aoba hears a familiar motor coming up behind them, seeing Tori pull up. Mink tells him that he's sending Aoba back downstairs with the rest of Scratch. Flurried with emotions, Aoba exclaimed that he didn't want Mink to die with the latter responding that he'd been dead since his family was killed. Aoba negated that by grabbing Mink's arm, saying since he was able to touch and breath, that he was still alive. Despite his pleas, Mink turned his back to Aoba, apologizing for getting him involved. Left speechless, Aoba felt overwhelming despair as he couldn't stop Mink who disappeared behind the red door, but soon regained his will and moved on to his own path.

Mink's presumably final moments.

As he headed downstairs on Tori, Aoba was attacked by a few security dog Allmates, and unwillingly used the USB program installed in Ren to stop them, promising to fix him later. Aoba then had to fight a broken Akushima, who was under the influence of Toue's control, and used Scrap on him. After some time inside his head, Aoba released himself as Akushima remained unconscious, He didn't get a headache, however, because he used the power of his own free will. In a different scene, Toue uses something similiar to Scrap to plant a "seed" in Mink, which was supposed to stop him from fulfilling his revenge, but Mink revealed that Aoba had planted another "seed" in him first which suppresses Toue's power. Mink goes on to say that "his [Aoba's] emotional words are far better than Toue's, an overwhelming, genuine, authentic win over him". Cornered by these turn of events, Toue accepts his fate as Mink dashes forward, plunging his knife into him, finally fulfilling his wish. Mink then offered his prayers to the spirits of the deceased and his homeland as Oval Tower crumbled around him, a pained look emerging on his face as the screen fades.
Aoba managed to leave the tower with Mink's men as well as Akushima by carrying him on the bike. As they all stare at the tower falling, Tori speeds back inside, Aoba prepared to run off after him until a Scratch member stops him. He explains in a soft tone that it's fine and that this is what Mink truly would have wanted, for all of them to be safe. Aoba painfully nods, and with the support of another Scratch member propping Akushima up, they all begin to head back to the Old Resident District. Aoba is then greeted by the man Mink had wanted to "hand him over" to, causing Aoba to feel ashamed for distrusting Mink all those times in Platinum Jail.
Mink's Good End

Mink looking over his homeland as Aoba watches on.

After the fall of the Oval Tower, Platinum Jail's functions came to a halt and Toue Inc's influence fades. Life in Midorijima went back to normal, but Mink was nowhere to be found. Aoba couldn't help but feeling amiss, as he never believed that Mink was dead, especially after talking with the remaining Scratch members about him. He eventually made up his mind to talk with Tae about everything and left Midorijima to travel the world, in search of Mink. Using the land he saw in Mink's head as a reference, Aoba finally managed to arrive there, and after a while of chasing, he found a familiar figure of a man and a bird. As the man turned around, his brown hair blew in the wind and his eyes had a golden color, shining from the sun's bright rays. Despite the heavy change in appearance, Aoba knew it was Mink. In tears and choking up, Aoba dashed towards Mink to tell him that, "Life isn't over yet," and "It's a new beginning now.".

Bad Ending

If the player chooses to help both of people who beg for help, Aoba will be led to the warehouse filled with chains and rust. Wandering inside, he immediately came across a door and found Mink inside, who was silently still, as if waiting for him. Mink then told Aoba that they needed to leave to which Aoba agreed. When they got back to the real world, Mink acted strangely and said he didn't want to go after Toue. This takes Aoba back and he is suddenly forced back into Mink's head. Aoba realised that, by helping those people, he had failed Scrap because he had tried to change the past. Mink suddenly embraced Aoba, causing him to try and get out of his grasp but to no avail. Mink begins talking about how the most sacred part of a human's body is their head, since it harbors the soul of that person. By taking his head, Mink would be able to protect Aoba's soul from the devil. Terrified as he heard this, Aoba tried to get away from him but it was already too late. He yells for Mink to stop but the screen switches to black while a disturbing sound of something snapping and being pulled off is heard, something falling to the ground with a loud thud immediately after. While holding Aoba's now severed head close to his, Mink whispers that even though he's trapped inside that hellish place, Aoba's soul would be with him for eternity.

DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect

Good Ending

(Under construction)

Bad Ending

(Note: The following excerpt is what happens before Aoba's demise.)
Mink explains about how the human head is the most sacred part of the body and that he will be taking Aoba's soul with him. Aoba tries to get away, but fails and there is a short pause as his head slumps and he begins to laugh, stopping Mink from doing anything. Aoba grabs Mink's hand that was holding his own and raises his head, looking provacatively into Mink's eyes. He asks him "who he's taking" and "where to", holding back laughter. Recognizing this is not Aoba, Mink asks who he is to which he replies that he is the other Aoba who emerged while Mink was talking.
The other Aoba narrates that the real Aoba had cornered him in his own mind, due to his immense guilt of failing Scrap on Mink. He realized that by changing the past, he prevented Mink's heart from moving on and that he was now forever trapped by his own bloody memories. Saying that because "reason" (Aoba) had finally become weak, "instinct" (the other Aoba) was able to take over and be repressed by "reason" no longer. He notes that he cannot do nothing but destroy, so fixing Mink would be impossible. However, the other Aoba had interest in Mink because he took whatever means necessary [taking advantage of Aoba] to set him free.
Looking back at him, Aoba pets Mink's arm that looks like he's about to strangle him and asks if he's going to kill him. Saying that they're both going to eventually die, Mink vows that he'll still protect his soul which causes the other Aoba to laugh. Scoffing, the other Aoba asks Mink if he wants to "play" before that happens. He grabs Mink's hand, bringing it up to his face and bites suggestively on his thumb as the other Aoba continues to talk.
He explains that even in the beginning, Mink didn't have a will to live and that all he could think about was dying. Originally, he was never shackled by anything but because he was so closed up in his past, he never thought to escape from it and move forward himself. Which was why the cage around his heart was thick as the shackles were tight (referencing the chains seen wrapping around him in his Good End). Saying that they're just going to die, the other Aoba said that this much was alright and slowly slips off his jacket.
Mink furrows his brows and says that he's talking just like the devil, to which the other Aoba laughs deeply and comments how hilarious he is. He chuckles that the person Mink wants to protect most is a devil and that since Mink had once said that Aoba had the same scent as he did (the scent of death and destruction) asks if that makes Mink a devil as well. This makes Mink furious and he suddenly grabs the other Aoba by the shoulders, shoving him to the ground. The other Aoba notices the pure hatred in Mink's eyes as he begins to speak.
Mink says that, yes, while he may be a demon in the eyes of many for the lengths he was willing to go to attain his revenge, he's not willing to let the other Aoba fall that far [into death so easily]. He orders him to being back Aoba's soul to which the other Aoba bursts into a maniacal laughter, exclaiming how Aoba was to end up being possessed by a demon like Mink. Angered by his words, Mink punches the other Aoba in the face. Although he says it hurts and tells Mink to stop, the other Aoba still giggles in excitement. As he continues to strike at him, the other Aoba becomes annoyed that Mink is "taking it easy" on him and kicks him in the stomach, having no effect at all. Instead, he's punched harder, causing his vision to blur slightly.

"If I can feel this way until the end… you can have... my head. Anything."

Through his vision he catches Mink and pulls him forward, Mink trying to pull away while the other Aoba bites down on Mink's bottom lip. As he licks at the blood on his lips, Mink shoves him back, causing the other Aoba laugh even more. When Mink pins his arms down, the other Aoba urges him on and says that if Mink can make him submit to him, then he'll let him have Aoba's head. The other Aoba continues to moan how much he wants Mink to break him in any way possible and to make a wild mess of him. Mink orders him to shut up and pulls the other Aoba by the hair. Although the nerves in his hair shoot pain through him, this just arouses him more.
As they have a violent and rough sexual exchange, moaning how doing this is like total corruption, the other Aoba asks if it's really okay to do this in his past memories that he didn't want to know, to which Mink punches him in retort. Laughing from the pain, the other Aoba goes on about how Mink has been cheating everything, even the fact that he can't return to reality. Mink responds that he's right, but with this much, he can take Aoba's soul with him so the other Aoba won't pollute it.
As they both finish, the sound of gunfire and screaming blares again in the background. The other Aoba tries to get up but due to the amount of being hit and penetrated, he can't. Through a tired smirk he narrates that he doesn't call this sex, but violence, and that's just fine to him. He reaches an arm out to Mink and realizes that he looks like he had done the most painful thing imaginable. This amuses the other Aoba and notices that Mink was holding a knife in his right hand. He says that it was there because since this is the inside of Mink's heart, he wished for it to be. He observes that there is no fear, conflict, agony or symapthy in Mink's eyes because "he's finally getting his precious Aoba's head".
Mink begins making a verbal prayer, the other Aoba asking who he's saying it to (him or the real Aoba). Mink ignores his question and continues. The knife swings down and Mink's last words from the first game are heard as he holds Aoba's head near his.

DRAMAtical Murder: The Animation

In the anime, Mink's role is slightly altered. He appears at the beginning of episode 1 in a prison cell (presumably before the main events of the
Mink anime

Mink as he appears in the anime

story take place) as Aoba narrates over. During the same episode, as Aoba is running from Akushima arresting Rhyme-players, he bumps into Mink at the end of the alley and instantly begins apologizing. Mink merely stares down as Aoba stands flustered and gets on his motorcycle, riding off without saying anything. Unlike the game where Mink nearly runs Aoba over and hearing his voice in the process, Mink is changed to eavesdropping on Aoba's conversation with Virus and Trip.
In episode 2, Mink is shown in Scratch's hideout with his team.
In episode 3, Mink is shown yet again in Scratch's hideout watching what looks to be an advertisement of Platinum Jail, which describes it as a "paradise". Mink then recalls his past where what appears to be silhouettes of his tribe being forced out of their home by one of Toue's soldiers.  Behind them, their forest is burning and two people lay dead in front of the shot. Mink is then shown again in the present, scowling.


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