Junk Shop Mediocrity (ジャンクショプ へいぼん Jankushopu Heibon) is a small shop owned by Haga, and the place where Aoba works part time.[1]


Junk Shop Mediocrity is a small shop located in the Eastern District of Midorijima. As the name implies, it sells both used and new parts for AllMates, coils and other tech-gear. It is the place where Aoba gathers most of his parts for maintenance on Ren, as well since he is an older model, and the shop is the only place that seems to still sell old-fashioned parts that support Ren's system.[1]

The shop is the location for various meetings between Aoba and the characters in the game. Koujaku often drops by to say hello, Noiz visits to tell Aoba to fight with him in Rhyme and the shop's basement is used as a gathering place for Mink, Clear, Koujaku, Noiz and Aoba to discuss the whereabouts of Tae, when she is kidnapped by Morphine.[1]

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