Kanji ヘルシャ
Rōmaji Herusha
Gender Male
Partner Virus
Apparent Species Black Anaconda
Status Intact
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Anime Data xx: Transitory

Hersha (ヘルシャ) Herusha) is Virus' AllMate.


Hersha takes the form of a large black snake and is hinted to be a Anaconda snake. Hersha's and Welter's similarities in appearances are reminiscent of Virus and Trip's twin-like qualities.

It is unknown when Virus acquired Hersha, but he had him as an AllMate prior to his and Trip's bad end when they fled the country with Aoba.


Unlike the other AllMates, which have distinct personalities and voices, Hersha lacks any human-like qualities and instead is presented as if it were an actual wild animal. However, it is shown to experience pleasure in abusing Aoba.


Hersha is not seen with Virus throughout the game at all until their bad end in both the original and re:connect.

DRAMAtical Murder

Trip and Virus's Ending

Hersha is only shown for a short amount of time, coiling itself around Aoba as Virus, Trip and Welter continue to prod and force themselves onto Aoba.

DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect

Virus' Bad End

Virus orders Aoba to sprawl out on his bed while Hersha takes control first as Virus watches them while drinking wine. Aoba cries that he hates being humiliated in such a fashion but remembers the first time he disobeyed Virus' orders resulted in him being locked in a small cramped box for three days without human contact, food or water. Thus, he reluctantly arouses himself with Hersha as Virus watches on in amusement. Virus later joins in, both he and Hersha's tail penetrating Aoba, the latter crying that escaping is impossible and will soon be driven into madness until the day he dies.