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Delivery Works
English Delivery Works
Type of Business Courier Shop
Owner Yoshie
Employees Unknown
Location Eastern District

Delivery Works is a local courier shop, owned by Yoshie.


Delivery Works is used to send packages immediately anywhere in the Old Resident District. The building has sign-bearing automatic doors and Yoshie is typically found sitting happily behind the reference desk. The building seems relatively small but big enough to get the job done. When first arriving, to the left, there are magazine displays and posters. On the desk in the center, displaying a large sign saying "Reception Counter" is covered in multiple signs describing a variety of welcoming things. Behind the desk are multiple files and books, a computer, and a fancy curtained bed for her allmate Clara (who is described as the sign dog of the shop). Next to the bed is what seems to be a delivery chute. There is also a welcoming mat in the front of the doors and chairs to the right for guests to sit on.

Story Edit

Delivery works acts as a walkway to explore more of the Old Resident District, introduce many important elements and characters in the story. It is made relevant when Haga asks Aoba to deliver one last package before closing the shop. The building is only mentioned in the Common Route and does not play any importance afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • A notable sign is displayed on the right, saying "Recruiting YOUNG men only!", which says a bit about Yoshie's character and perhaps her excitement in seeing Aoba.

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