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Data 08: Reply
English Data 08: Reply
Release August 24, 2014
Running Time 24:25 Minutes
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Data 08: Reply is the eight episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It first aired in Japan on August 24, 2014.


Important Events

  • The episode goes through the events of Noiz's route.

Difference between visual novel and anime

Visual Novel Anime

- Koujaku never makes an appearance.

- Aoba apologizes to Noiz the next day after he fixes Ren.

- After Noiz cuts and burns himself, Aoba demands that he cleans up his wound where Noiz demands not to touch him as the wound will heal itself.

- After tending Noiz's wounds, Noiz begins kissing Aoba.

- Aoba uses Scrap on Noiz inside Oval Tower. [1]

- Aoba carries an injured Noiz as they are running out of the collapsing Oval Tower.

- Koujaku makes an appearance sleeping.

- Aoba helps Noiz clean up his wounds, where Noiz listens to Aoba.

- Aoba receives another email of Silent Oat.

- Aoba thanks Noiz the same night he fixed Ren.

- Aoba uses Scrap on Noiz at Green Playground.

- Aoba carries Noiz outside Green Playground.


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