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Data 07: Distance
English Data 07: Distance
Release August 17, 2014
Running Time 24:25 Minutes
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Data 07: Distance is the seventh episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It first aired in Japan on August 17, 2014.


Important Events

  • The episode goes through the events of Koujaku's route.

Difference between visual novel and anime

Visual Novel Anime

- Aoba meets Ryuuhou for the first time outside the nightclub.

- Aoba throws up and Koujaku carries Aoba back to Glitter.[1]

- Aoba uses Scrap on Koujaku inside Oval Tower.

- Ryuuhou dies immediately after being stabbed by Koujaku.

- Aoba meets Ryuuhou inside the nightclub.

- Aoba faints and Ryuuhou brings Aoba back to his tattoo studio.

- Aoba uses Scrap on Koujaku inside Ryuuhou's Tattoo room.

- Ryuuhou is slashed across the chest by Koujaku and dies later in an alley after sending his report to Toue.


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