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Data 03: Presage
English Data 03: Presage
Release July 20, 2014
Running Time 24:30 Minutes
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Data 03: Presage is the third episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It first aired in Japan on July 20, 2014.


The young man silently purchases an item from Aoba, leaving the shop without identifying himself. When returning home from work that evening, Aoba finds the young man in his bedroom, who reveals to Aoba that he was the person in the rabbit costume that forced him in the Rhyme battle. The teenager demands a rematch with Aoba and threatens to destroy Ren if he doesn't. Clear arrives via veranda to Aoba's room, telling the intruder to not hurt his "Master". Koujaku soon joins the group, and a scuffle initiates between him and the teenager. Tae breaks them up and the group settles down in the kitchen, where the young man introduces himself as Noiz. The next day, Aoba and Koujaku visit Mizuki in hopes of cheering him up, as he has been depressed about losing more of his team members to Rhyme. The following day, Noiz visits the junk shop again and becomes the object of interest for the young siblings Kio, Nao, and Mio. While Noiz brushes off Kio's and Nao's attempts to tackle him, he picks up Mio and kisses her palm, telling her that girls shouldn't be rowdy, much to everyone else's shock. After the kids run out of the shop, Aoba scolds Noiz for his actions, who takes it with cool indifference, and abruptly kisses Aoba on the lips, much to his embarrassment. Noiz invites Aoba to join his Rhyme team, Ruff Rabbit, and to start playing Rhyme again, but Aoba refuses. He then receives call from Yoshie, informing him that Tae hurt her back and goes to carry her home. At night, Tae secretly meets with Toue's assistant, Takahashi, outside the house, who muses over the fact that Aoba is alive.

Important Events


  • Mizuki's AllMate makes an appearance.
  • Shortly after the episode aired, the anime production team posted a formal apology on their official Twitter account for the episode's low quality, which contains numerous errors, such as off-model characters, irregular proportions of the characters shifting between frames, and characters' voices not syncing correctly with the mouth flaps. They explained that, due to circumstances, an unfinished version of the episode was aired unintentionally and were working on retakes. They re-broadcast the online version of the episode on July 26 in superior quality. Additionally, they also reworked the first and second episodes' quality, as the animation quality was also lacking in these episodes.


  • Sei is briefly shown with blonde hair instead of dark blue.
  • Tae is seen holding a brown hair Aoba wearing different clothes. In the next scene, Aoba has his blue hair and regular clothes.