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Data 01: Login
English Data 01: Login
Release July 6, 2014
Running Time 24:30 Minutes
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Data 01: Login is the first episode of the DRAMAtical Murder animation. It first aired in Japan on July 6, 2014.


During work at Junk Shop Mediocrity, Aoba Seragaki goes out on a delivery with his Allmate, Ren, and encounters his childhood friend, Koujaku, and his Allmate, Beni. After a short conversation, Aoba makes his delivery to Yoshie and is forced to stay until nightfall. On his way home, Aoba is harassed by members of the Ribstiez group, Bug Bomb, but is saved by his friend and leader of Dry Juice, Mizuki. Mizuki voices his concerns of Ribstiez being overshadowed by the popular cyber game, Rhyme, and tells Aoba of the mysterious disappearances of several Ribstiez groups, rumored to be the works of the mythical group, Morphine. As they part ways, a Rhyme battle soon starts near Aoba and he observes it before meeting up with his old friends, Virus and Trip. The game is soon interrupted by a police officer, Akushima, causing Aoba to hurry back home. After eating with his grandmother, Tae, Aoba opens the automatic download he received earlier to find out it was an old-fashioned game called "Silent Oath", though he is baffled by its contents. The next day, Aoba goes out on another delivery when he and Ren are pulled into a forced Rhyme battle by a figure in a rabbit costume. The player addresses Aoba as "Sly Blue", which confuses Aoba, as he has no recollection of ever playing Rhyme before. After being continuously attacked, Aoba has a headache and his persona suddenly changes. Aoba then easily defends himself from the player's attacks, muttering "Death and destruction". 

Important Events

  • First anime appearance of Rhyme.
  • First official anime appearances of several characters including: Aoba, Ren, Tae, Mizuki, Koujaku, Virus, Trip, Usui, Haga, Bonjin-kun, Yoshie, Clara, Nao, Mio, Kio, Akushima, Mink, Noiz (Rhyme form) and Usagimodoki.

Differences between visual novel and anime

Visual Novel Anime

- Aoba is inside Junk Shop Heibon when the children calls Haga "Baldy".[1]

- Aoba is outside the store and seemed to find out quickly that Haga was called "Baldy".


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