Clear's Grandpa
Clear.s grandpa12
Kanji おじいちゃん
Rōmaji Ojīchan
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
AllMate None
Team None
Status Deceased[1]
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Anime N/A

Referred to as Clear's Grandpa, with his real name unknown, was the man who rescued and raised Clear, claiming him as his son.[1]


Before the main events of the game, Clear served under Toue (his original "master") along with his brothers α and α2. However, he ended up defective and was supposed to be disposed of, but the man in charge of the disposal instead took and hid Clear away. The man, later revealed to be the one Clear called his "grandfather", modified Clear, removed his serial number and kept him a secret from Toue and his associates until his death. He treated Clear like his own son; Toue comments that he must have been a single, lonely man to go through all the trouble of hiding him. After his grandfather's death, Clear began living on his own, often taking long walks around the Old Resident District.

Trivia Edit

  • Clear buried him in a hill near the ocean.[2]
  • Clear watches Aoba as he sleeps due to his fear that he would not wake up again, like when his grandfather, who passed away in his sleep.
  • Clear currently wears the same wristwatch his grandfather is shown wearing in his photograph, but the glass is now broken.

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