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Character Matching Game
The Character Matching Game is a mini game that is included as an extra in DRAMAtical Murder re:connect. The game includes art drawn by the Japanese artist Yuupon.


The game consists of 19 levels and 20 different cards, each featuring a character. Excluding Aoba, each character is based on levels, and all of them have different abilities to help reaching the next level.

Character Abilities

  • Ren
  • Mizuki
  • Koujaku
  • Noiz
  • Mink
  • Clear (Mask)
  • Virus
  • Trip
  • Akushima
  • Alpha
  • Ryuuhou
  • Koujaku (Bad ending version) - Able to slice cards
  • Noiz (Good ending version)
  • Mink (Re:connect version)
  • Clear (No mask)
  • Toue - Able to stop user from using special ability.
  • Aoba (Inner)
  • Ren (Human)
  • Sei - Able to reveal all the cards for a brief second.