• Mookyul

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have created a wiki for all of Nitro+CHiRAL games. This doesn't mean that DMMD Wiki will be leaving, but I think it would be nice to have a wiki that has articles for all the games me (and probably all of you) are fans of their games.

    It would mean so much for me and to other fans if we can help make the new wiki look as amazing as the DRAMAtical Murder Wiki! All the help is appreciated! You are not forced to help edit the Nitro+CHiRAL wiki, but as all the other games do not have a rather nice looking wiki, I felt like this will be a great alternative for all.

    Thanks again!


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  • Samuelshadow16

    So, I've been thinking of getting re:coded, but I live in the U.S. Does anyone know if there is an English version, or setting, or patch. Because I want to finally hook up Aoba and Mizuki, but I also want to be able to understand what they're saying too.

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  • Mookyul

    Editing Updates

    December 29, 2014 by Mookyul

    Hello everyone, again, I apologize that I have not been able to edit the Wiki as much. Personal life has caused me to leave my laptop for a couple days.

    I noticed that the Wikia has some information that does not have any source. Real or not, these edits must have source. If there is no source, it confuses readers to believe it is real or false information. On January 3, I will be deleting any information that does not have a source. I will also be doing my best to find these information and reference them onto the Wikia.

    Happy New Years everyone!

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  • Mookyul

    UPDATE 12/24

    December 24, 2014 by Mookyul

    Hello everyone! I am so sorry for not being so active as I should. Personal life has been a bit difficult and super busy.

    Happy holidays everyone! Safe travels to all and please enjoy being with your loved ones! Thank you to everyone that has been working to make this Wikia page look more alive and busy; especially during the airing of the anime.

    This is a short update!! Please message me if you have any questions or even any suggestions and I will do my best to help!

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  • Mookyul

    URL Change

    August 10, 2014 by Mookyul

    Hello everyone! In case you haven't noticed, I have requested a change of the URL from "dramaticalmurder.wikia" to "dmmd.wikia". Why? I felt like the original URL was a bit long and I created this Wikia years back when DMMD just came out and it was still unknown, it was also during the time it did not have an abbreviated name. Also, short and simple!

    Thank you for all the recent edits as well. It really does make this Wiki come alive. 

    I am also currently looking for help finding a new wallpaper for the wiki. Unfortunately since I'm not the best with computers and I an horrible when it comes to math, I am looking for a wallpaper that is 300 kilobyte and it must be DMMD related. Anyone can help find a new wallpaper.

    Thank you everyone!


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  • Mookyul

    URL change

    August 8, 2014 by Mookyul

    Hello, I just thought it would be best to inform everyone that I have made a request to change the URL of [] to []. I have always thought that the current URL was a bit long. An email should be seen in about 2-3 days. Thank you.


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  • IRosefeather

    Episode Summaries

    August 2, 2014 by IRosefeather

    Hello, my fellow wiki editors.
    I have seen that our episode pages have been deleted because of someone reporting that they included the summaries written on wikipedia (I am 100% sure that was the reason, as the rest on these pages was pretty much done by myself and thus I am very troubled by the fact that my work got deleted because of such a matter while I am not able to at least restore the work I had done on the pages. Only admins could).
    Therefore I wanted to ask you to not repeat using these summaries. They were written by someone else and the author was probably the one reporting it and I can understand that, as they put work into it and the credit to them gets lost. If anything, there should have been some special template that shows…

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  • Samuelshadow16

    Hey, I just wanted to point this out in hopes someone finds this. After looking at all of the character pages, I noticed that all single character pictures are in a three quarters, or a half view. Recently I've found a tumblr profile that uploads Full Body sprites of most, if not all, characters.

    If anyone is interested in taking a look, here's the link:

    Click on 'Tags' to find individual characters.

    I was just thinking that character images could be changed from Three Quarter or Half body sprites into Full Body Sprites.

    Thanks! ^_^


    The tumblr page has a different, and somewhat confusing, interface. So here's a direct link to the character sprites menu.

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  • Mookyul

    Editing Update 1/4/2014

    January 4, 2014 by Mookyul

    Hello, this is admin and I just want to say that I have changed all the pages privacy settings so only registered users can edit. This is because many people have typed disturbing texts in the Wikia and would not stop. At first, I didn't want to change the privacy as I think changing the privacy will limit free editing to people, but after days of spam and the user(s) will not stop typing crap, this is the best choice I have made. 

    To the user(s) who have been vandalising the Wiki: Congrats, you have made this Wikia a place where we don't have to see disturbing texts for now on. Hope your so proud of yourself and enjoy not wasting our time. 

    If you will like to edit, please contact me. If I see any non-important texts, banning will happen.

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  • Mookyul

    Enough is Enough

    January 2, 2014 by Mookyul

    To the people(s) who have been harming the Wikia with disturbing text: I don't say this a lot to people but, you're disgusting, immature and I hope you realize how much stress you have put to the people who have worked so hard in making this Wikia a place to enjoy. Ever since I have created this Wikia, I believe I have blocked at least 25 users, where most were anons. I come here everyday worried that someone has harmed the Wikia, only to be reading texts that even me, an adult woudn't want to read. I have said before that only users will allow to edit the Wikia, I found out that the Wikia settings changed so even anons can edit. I don't like this change, but I'm not going to complain. Sadly, this isn't Disney Wikia where you must sign in …

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  • Mookyul

    User Rights

    October 4, 2013 by Mookyul

    Hello, this is Admin. 

    DRAMAtical Murder Wikia will soon be edited only to logged in users only. I am greatful that some of the anonymous users edit the wikia with some good information, but honestly I find anonymous users annoying as they can either harm or help with the wikia. It's not difficult to sign up or even log in your account... 

    Why are you only allowing logged in users edit?

    As I stated above, this wikia was attacked more than once with disturbing texts by anonymous users so they wouldn't get blocked. Not only the attackers but I personally do not like it when an anonymous user edits information on the wikia no matter how good it is.

    Will the Wikia ever be edited by non-logged in users?


    Will you still be blocking people?

    Yes, as i…

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  • Mookyul

    This needs to stop

    August 21, 2013 by Mookyul

    Hi guys, this is the admin of this wikia. I apologize as I was seriously inactive the last couple days as I was in New York for personal reasons and I did not bring my laptop. I am back home exhausted from New York and yes, it was a well worth trip. 

    Back on topic, as I was looking through the wikia activity, I noticed unrelated and rather innappropriate texts on the wiki. This needs to stop. I did delete hopefully all the unrelated text but if you see any, please delete them. I wished who ever wants to help make this wikia stronger, please help, but seeing those texts is seriously makig me decide if this wikia should be an wikia where everyone can edit, or only certain people can edit as I can change the privacy settings.

    Here are screenshots…

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  • Mookyul

    Editing Rules

    May 2, 2013 by Mookyul

    Thank you for visiting the wikia! If you are tempting to help make our community even greater, a few rules will have to be followed. Breaking any of these rules will lead to a automatic block.

    • No first or second person writing. Third person writing only.
    • Writing unnessary facts will be deleted.
    • If you mess up, please do not save in the edit page. Simply click back.
    • Please do realize that since this is a Wikia based off of a game, spoilers will have to be shown.
    • Do not include facts on Trivia that has already been stated. If it keeps continuing, Trivia will be deleted permanently from the wikia.
    • Please do not add any useless categories. The admin will automatically delete them.
    • Do not copy/paste character routes. I am aware that many people write cha…

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