Fuamベニ 通常 normal

Kanji べに
Rōmaji Beni
Gender Male
Partner Koujaku
Apparent Species Sparrow
Status Intact
Voice Actors
Japanese Keisuke Goto
English Kyle Jones
First Appearance
Anime Data 01: Login

Asshole...! Don't mess with me!

Beni is Koujaku's AllMate.


Beni takes the form of a sparrow. He has red feathers and wears a beaded necklace and getas, complimenting his owner's traditional Japanese fashion sense and association with the color red. It is unknown if he has a different form when entering Rhyme like Ren and Usagimodoki.


Beni, while technically the tiniest out of all the Allmates, has a large temper to make up for it. He has a no-nonsense policy and is shown to be quick to react to tough situations, similar to Koujaku. Despite that, Beni can be very relaxed and shows to care about other's well-beings. Girls particularly find him cute and will call him as such when they're around Koujaku (unlike his owner, however, he simply takes the compliments instead of gloating about it).



Being his owner, Koujaku and Beni have a strong relationship. Beni is usually always seen perched on Koujaku's shoulder. Koujaku seems to be used to Beni's outbursts as he doesn't try to stop him when he fights with Tori or gets heated up (also possibly due to Koujaku's own uneasiness around Mink).


Beni and Ren get along exceptionally well, most likely due to the fact that both of their owners are childhood friends. They both never fail to exchange greetings with one another and are usually seen in sleep mode or bonding together in official art. Beni has also shown many times how much he cares about Ren — in Ren's Route, when he was infected and began growling at Aoba, Beni tried calling out to him after immediately recognizing he was not himself. Ren later apologizes for causing everyone so much trouble, and while Beni says that he did, he seemed relieved nevertheless to have his friend back.

In Koujaku's Route, Ren was shown to search for Koujaku and Beni whenever Aoba was in a tight spot, showing how much he places his trust in both of them.



Tori and Beni's relationship.

Beni and Tori have been shown to not get along from the moment they both met. Tori often throws insults towards Beni and mocks his attitude and manner of speaking, causing Beni to fly into a rage and further prove Tori right by calling him rude names. Although Beni is hot-headed whenever Tori is around, the latter tends to be calm and collected. They are usually shown together in official group shots where Koujaku and Mink are present, both usually glaring or squawking at one another (usually much to Mink's visible annoyance and Koujaku's obliviousness).