Alpha singing Dye Music


Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 180 cm (5'11")
AllMate None
Occupation α Unit[1]
Status Varies by game ending
Deceased (Anime)[2]
Voice Actors
Japanese Banpaku Tarou

Okamoto Hiroshi (α1, anime) Ishikawa Kaito (α2, anime)

First Appearance
Anime Data 08: Reply

Alphas are androids created by Toue Inc. to control people by singing Die Music.[1][2]



Alphas without their mask

The Alphas have short, scruffy, snow-white hair which sticks up in multiple places. They are usually seen wearing solid white masks, with a carved in, devious black grin and two small slits for the eyes. Below the masks, they share the same appearance as their fellow "brother" α Unit Clear, featuring the same pink eyes, though they lack the moles on the lower right side of his chin.[1]


The Alphas are the complete opposite of Clear - an older model of their kind. Unlike him, they do not have a free will and flawlessly obey the orders of their master Toue, highly worshiping him as one of the most perfect humans, who will eventually rule the whole island. For that reason, they act amused when Clear recognizes Aoba as his master, a human who is no match for their real master and speak to others with a condescending tone in their voice.[1]


Clear's Route

DRAMAtical Murder: The Animation

One of the Alphas is first seen when Noiz and Aoba are out together in the Green Playground, after they got into a fight with some yakuza. Thinking the Alpha is one of them, Noiz follows him around a corner and into another alley. As he tries to get the other's attention, the Alpha turns around, whereupon he hypnotizes Noiz with his Dye Music and escapes.[3]



The Alphas do not show anything other than negativity towards Clear, as they have been ordered destroy him. They often mock Clear for his wish to be human, as well as his helplessness against them, such as when he could not make use of self-defense without hurting himself because of his safety mechanism. However, the Alphas show some kind of fear or possible worry when Clear destroys his safety and is therefore able to fight them without limitations.[1]


  • In the anime, the Alphas call Clear "brother.""[2]